Paname is the “Hype” nickname given to Paris. From its rich history, its romantic architecture, its eclectic population to its refined gastronomy, Paris has the ability to leave its visitors with lasting memories.

The three founders Nicolas Loison, Jérémy Pelletier and Flab are all children of the ‘City of light’: Paris. Conveying the image of Paris and thus promoting France through a collection of glasses is their mission, their duty: to shape the image and identity of their eyewear collection while respecting the codes, values and colors of Paname.

 Paris is full of mythical places like Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, the Marais, Père Lachaise, the Bastille to name but a few. The three founders walk through the maze of cobblestones that adorn Paname, take its boulevards, climb its mounds and discover its treasures to come up with the names for the frames such as Notre Dame, Porte de Choisy and Montrouge.

Paris as a source of inspiration, artistic expression, modernity and vintage as a philosophy and elegance is the ambition. For Paname, perfection is their fault - quality and accessibility is a must! Paname engraves the beginning of a story, that of three Parisians going against the current, equality as a heritage - freedom in the guts, fraternity as a code of conduct.