Founded by three friends over a decade ago, Vasuma is an eyewear brand created to shake up the market. The mission of Jan Vana, Lars Malmsen and Steffen Sundelius was to offer eyewear inspired by the vintage style of the 50s and 60s, complemented by the brand’s modern twist.

Suited for both men and women, the brand names each optical and sunglasses after snakes. The story behind this is simply a tribute to those who have previously been bullied and labelled ‘glasögonorm’ – the Swedish term for ‘four eyes’ as well as the spectacled cobra snake as a result of needing to wear prescription glasses. Vasum is the revenge of the glasögonorm.

Based in the old town of Stockholm, the brand houses its warehouse, showroom and office in a four level 15th Century townhouse just a block away from the Swedish Royal Castle. The wonderful city, surrounded by forests and countryside that are no more than 30 minutes away, play an inspiration in the brand’s designs and direction.

Music is another element that aligns with Vasuma’s ethos, from collaborating with artists from all over the World to being a source of inspiration itself. The trio has also worked with different Swedish creatives to design something special and unique each Season. Having grown on a global scale with clients and fans all over the World, Vasuma participated as one of the main sponsors for the Swedish festival – Stockholm, Ca in Los Angeles.

While the range consists predominantly of classic styles, there are few statement pieces for the style conscious. The collection, as a whole, is easy to wear and can be dressed down or up. With a focus on quality, a Japanese collection has been introduced to give consumers the chance to explore the finest Japanese craftsmanship.